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 About Us


Pretoria Learning Academy is a South African owned and registered company. All Pretoria Learning Academy colleges must comply with Government Further Education and Training regulations.

We fulfill the needs of both learners and the business community, by identifying the gap between formal education and the realities of the working world and by developing a customised program for each learner, while meeting the requirements that exist for convenient and effective training, at an affordable cost.

To meet the specialised needs of mature learners, some programs are based on the Integrated Learning TM System, a step-by-step competency based method of learning, supported by flexible scheduling. Learning is results-oriented, which allows learners to define what they've learned, and put their new-found skills to work for them immediately. This efficient and cost-effective method has been used to deliver more than one million programs to date. Other programs are delivered either by self-study, assisted learning at Colleges or they are lecture-based. 

Pretoria Learning Academy is committed to raising today's occupational and training standards, and strives constantly to make lifelong learning a rewarding and         viable option for people of all ages and levels of expertise.